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Heavy-Duty Power & Demolition Rentals

L2 Rental provides power and demolition tools and equipment that can help you with any heavy duty or demo project you might have, ranging anywhere from dry wall to concrete.

Plate Compactor 17” 203lbs

Model: AP-FP75
Sub Category: Compaction

APT forward soil plates are specially designed for compacting granular soils. They are ideal and most economical for small repair and maintenance work. Applications include asphalt, gravel, sand, and silt.

  • Optional paving pad for interlocking blocks
  • Patios, walkways and driveways.
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Rental Price

$90 / Day or

$63 / 4 hours
$360 / Weekly

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Bosch1-1/8 Hex Brute Turbo

Model: BO-BH2770VCD

Best in class impact energy - 47.0 ft lbs - Provides maximum concrete removal for maximum productivity.

  • The plug-in anywhere hammer - Does not need a compressor
  • Total Portability-Operates on 115 / 120v AC/DC Service Minder™
  • Deluxe Hammer Cart-Cart doubles as a hammer hauler and a hand truck, truck rails allow cart to be easily raised or lowered from a truck.
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Rental Price

$85 / Day or

$60 / 4 Hours
$345 / Weekly

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